Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 27 of 30 days with God

Every single message that has come down my lane in the last week has been about faith and fear. Even if you are not quite all the the way fearless "do it afraid" - Julian B. Kiganda. Not only just faith and fear but the uniqueness of me and the gifts God has given me. I want whatever I do to truly reflect him. I want to use my gifts to love, encourage, build up, and inspire anyone who comes across my path whether face to face or online. Lords knows I don't want to go before Him and not have answer for how I used my gifts. After all they are not just for us alone to enjoy and benefit from but to glorify Him and bless others. Oh the happiness and fulfillment that gives us!!!

I remember watching a movie based on a true story of a young college kid who went on this lone journey to find happiness. He left his family and never even called them the entire time he was gone. He thought he could just live off the land and the generosity of others although he had no experience with hunting, camping, canoeing, etc etc. He kept a very detailed journal about his experience but unfortunately he got lost in the wilderness couldn't find adequate food and possibly even ate some poisonous berries. His last journal entry he wrote before dying he realized happiness is best when shared with others. There was a lot more to the story as far as him being prideful, bitter root judgement towards his parents, and the dysfunction of the home he grew up in. But this is not that. 
So he had a family that loved him but they weren't perfect, he met people on his journey who also came to love him yet it took him dying alone in the wilderness of starvation and poison to realize what was important.

I know when this 30 day journey is complete it will never be over. Everything I do from this moment forward is all about using my gifts for His Glory. My testimony, my gifts, the platforms in which I showcase my talents, behind the chair, in my home and in the street I have to always love because God Is Love and He is in me so I am Love. Even when correcting and encouraging others to repent and surrender to His will for their life I will do it in love. 

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