Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 24 Of 30 Days With God

Today was pretty good. I went to work and did a new client who got a weave installation. She felt so blessed to be in my suite. She said it wasn't nothing but God that she happened to walk by and see me while she was looking for a new hair stylist. She shared her testimony and I shared mines. Whew we had church up in that room. Do you hear me! Then someone walked a new client down to see me and she set up an appointment. Another stylist gave me a walk in who wanted a weave but my price was too high so she left. But wow God is so good. He truly is my source.
I Love God.!!!
Tomorrow my church is having a cookout but it's going to be 96° plus humidity. Tomorrow is also the day I was invited to participate in a Periscope challenge from an online friend. But Periscope is still a social media platform. I really wanted to wait until Friday since that's my 30th day. Ughhhhh decisions decisions.  

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