Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 21 of 30 Days With God

So after day 20's post I realized my focus had shifted. So I am putting my eyes back were they belong.  I went to my bible and looked up scriptures about faith. After all He is the one leading and guiding me along this path. 

Matthew 14:31 Illustrates the importance of keeping our minds focused on the Lord. When we allow the distractions of our circumstances or conditions to sway us we begin to falter. Like Peter did when he allowed the storm to distract him and took his eye off Jesus. Peter paid more attention to the storm and began to sink. We must keep our eyes on Him no matter how bad or even good things may seem.
The good thing is he knew to call out to God when he saw himself sinking and he trusted Him to save him. 

So this had me thinking about how I got so caught up in how I am going to make this happen. I was starting to rely on my own human capabilities. I started thinking about breaking my fast and doing a big mass social media marketing promotion. (always trying take matters into my own hands).

So I readjusted my thinking. Jesus said we are to have faith that moves mountains. We are to pray and not doubt. After all genuine faith bears fruit for God's Kingdom. Matthew 21:21

So anyway after listening to a podcast today I was inspired to go ahead and create my vision board. 

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