Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 20 of 30 days with God

So as I am starting to come up on the finish line of this journey. I'm getting excited, anxious and even a bit impatient about my new venture.
Why? Well for starters staying encouraged... when looking at this from a human rational point of view it does not make sense. However neither does running standing in place on a hamster wheel. Yet that's exactly what I'd be doing if I don't at least try.
The other thing is asking for help. Look I still have issues that God will continue to work with me on. But pride and rejection don't just go away over overnight. So asking for help when it's pretty obvious that I need it I sometimes take very personal. 
Last but not least... I am actually going to finish something I started! Yay! This journey of 30 Days With God has 10 days left. I plan to complete it. However is it lack of faith that has me feeling like I need to promote now? My heart says keep going don't promote just wait, no social media networking yet. I need the grand opening to be a hit. I need to start seeing the dates booked. God I need a miracle.
I just have to believe his track record. Goes off to play Tye Tribbett I He Did It Before

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