Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 16 of 30 Days With God

Fear Faith and Wisdom.

As I mentioned before I felt like the second half of this journey was about purpose. 

Well for almost four years I have had the vision of my own space where I can work as a stylist and artist but also have enough space to host small gatherings.

Initially when I set out to do it I would have been dishonorable by leaving debt and burning bridges. I remember hearing a conversation that I wasn't even supposed to have heard under normal circumstances but God made those words she uttered very audible for me.

"When it's meant to be you won't have to do the wrong things trying to make it fit or work"
It was as if she knew my heart... Only God can see my heart so I said okay God I hear you.

So I surrendered and sought after God at the same time. I still left the salon I had been working at for 10 years to get some place quite. I went to a day spa and stayed there for a little over 1 year. There I was able to seek him without distractions and grow under great leadership at Rehoboth in VA. 
Then I sought out a place to build clientele in VA which sent me right back to Bowie around the corner literally from where I was currently working.
Still keeping the vision for my own space I end up where I am now. However I wanted to expand almost immediately.  But it just wasn't time.
Here it is over 1 year later and the space I originally wanted is now available right beside me. The very first room I did a custom mural in.

Here is where Fear Faith and Wisdom come into play. 

I will continue this on day 17 so this won't be like book post lol.

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