Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 5 of 30 Days With God

I woke up this morning to Psalm 51 (MSG) I thought wow Lord how perfect for this season.

You see David sinned by having an adulterous affair with Bathsheba and then tried to cover it up by having her husband killed. He knew he had done wrong so he cried out to God and repented.

The thing about it was... David suffered tremendously and quietly before confessing and repenting for his sins. When the spirit of God dwells in you that Holy Spirit will begin to convict you. You can't truly enjoy sin the way you used to before surrendering your life to Christ. Not saying that you won't have some pleasure or else the enemy couldn't tempt us. But it's kind of like trying to enjoy a good blockbuster movie at the theater but someone keeps kicking the back of your seat.

He wasn't just sorry but he showed genuine repentance. When we sin, we sin against no one but God. Which me means we rebel against God and his way of living. True repentance means truly having a new heart and truly agreeing God's word is true indeed and worthy of obeying and then obeying it.

David wanted to be cleansed of his sin. He wanted God to wash him and make him new. He wanted to use his repentance to teach others about the love of God. I can truly relate to David in this season of my life.
Before Christ they used a pure white lamb as a living sacrifice. But God loved us so much he sent his only begotten son. The Lamb of God. His blood washed away our sins. Jesus was the ultimate living sacrifice.

David's sins were punishable by death both adultery and murder. But Gods grace and mercy spared him. However because of his sin he endured many consequences as a result.
My sins have been forgiven but it doesn't unfortunately resolve me of the consequences as it didn't for David. And like David some of those consequences can not only affect me but the people I love and care about.

Whenever temptation is near God always gives us an exit but we have free will. Which means we have to choose. The Devil never shows us the other hand when he is tempting you but trust me it's there.

What I'm realizing in this season is not only do I want to choose God because of the consequences but also because I truly believe his word and agree with it. I love God and so I want to truly be a women after his heart. Not just living in a legalistic way but deep down in my heart and soul because I love Him.


NaNette said...

Yes. I choose because I believe and agree with his word. Great Read!

Jessika ThePolishedQueen said...

I left a comment on this last night but my phone browser conked out on me when I hit "Post."

It's so true that repentance does not equal immunity from the consequences of our sin. I am also guilty of thinking God is to blame for things that happen to me that make me feel uncomfortable or under pressure; like He's "doing this to chastise/punish me." The truth is you get back what you put out there because that's just the way the world works; it's how God created it. The hope is that the consequences cause us to not only be accountable, improved spiritually, physically and mentally; but also, to obtain wisdom so advanced that we are unlikely to make the same mistakes again.

Obedience is so much better than sacrifice, even though it often doesn't feel that way at the time...

Great read. Thanks for sharing XO

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