Thursday, March 5, 2015

QueenBee Box

I bought this craft box a few years ago and drew a sketch out on it early last year.
So I had it sitting on my dresser all this time. I finally got around to it because painting keeps my mind at peace. After finishing Nadia I needed another project ASAP. Between the cold long nights of winter and the longing of last summer painting keeps my over analytical brain quite. 
I'm forever grateful for this gift. The box was very fun to work on. Even measuring and making a pattern to use to cut out decorative paper. I cant wait do another one.  I have an octagon one I'm thinking about starting next.
I used acrylic under painting and also for the white part. I finished everything aside from the white in oil paint. The interior I used handmade paper that was dyed and stamped by hand. I found this paper and more like it at Plaza Art store.

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