Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Goal

My goal is to create affordable artworks for people who love my art.

My goal is to sell affordable art every week. 

I would rather my art be hung on the walls of my collectors homes, offices and businesses than accumulate in my garage or basement. 

My goal is for people especially brown women to see and identify themselves in my art. Not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well.

My goal is to build my online artist brand to the point where I can live anywhere in the country and still sustain myself as an artist. 

As of now I'm more dependant on my income as a hairstylist which means if I am to ever consider living else where I would have to rebuild. Something at this point in my life I'm just not interested in doing. 

I like the balance I have right now. Three days a week I service customers by doing their hair or makeup. Then the other four days I dedicate to building my artist brand in between church, running errands and chores. 

I just want equally as much money coming in from my art.

My goal is to have a live/work space. Perhaps a storefront studio/salon with a home either upstairs, in the back, or attached next door. That would be ideal. However a home I can alter a room or garage into a work space is cool as well. I love the concept the Art District of Hyattsville has with storefront townhouses and roof top decks. Maybe in Baltimore I can find something like that near the nicer areas.

Goals and vision board putting out in the world. GOD if it's your will enlarge my territory.

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