Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recent work

I have been doing a horrible job maintaining my blog. I guess because of a lot of personal issues both good and bad. But I decided instead of loading one blogpost at a time it's just easier to list as many images this device would allow at one time.

Collaboration with she is a Texas based photographer and she sent me this photo on canvas that she manipulated in photoshop putting together multiple images creating the perfect abstract yet organic backdrop. I painted the tree and face. I titled it Weathered. 

This piece was originally a sketch I drew after George Zimmerman got off for killing Trayvon Martin. Then fast forward to Mike Brown and the more obvious Eric Garner, John Crawford and Tamir Rice where there was actual video footage. I really began to believe justice truly is blind so I decided to do a spin on the personification of Lady Justice. Lady justice is depicted blindfolded to imply objectivity regardless of race, wealth, education etc. She also holds scales that she uses to measure the strength of the case. She also has a double edge sword which means the case can go either way. I replaced with the sword with a noose around her neck because these cases are more like modern day strange fruit never even seeing the inside of a courtroom. 

Another collaboration with Greece artist Melania Kosmopoulou she did the background and texture. I painted the checkerboard and face.
They had sight, but no insight. They exercised the power of observation, but had no imagination. Alive and dead all at the same time. Falling for the status quo. Brainwashed by mass media. Beautiful and superficial with no depth.  The matrix.

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