Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

2012 was a year of transformation! I definitely feel it was good year, although at times it was rough financially but God always kept me. My art is moving in a new direction. I'm also going to challenge myself to create a finished piece daily as much as possible. All mediums allowed of course. 

I'm also going to start sharing food recipes and photos on the internet I'm just not sure whether I want to combine it all here or not. I have grown so tired of all the different social media outlets. My favorite is Instagram however I maintain my FB account and twitter. I need to do a time lapse video for YouTube. Its just a pain keeping up with them all, not to mention a huge time zapper. Besides I just need more intimate connections. Face to face conversations and coffee and brunch dates. Quick outings to bookstores. We have become so busy with being busy as a society. Even when tragedy happens in the world we tweet or update our status then carry on. Yet are consumed with other peoples realities on TV and News. Since when did celebrity pregnancies become breaking news?
So I decided to deactivate my FB personal page and to only follow images of art, food and fashion anywhere else. I need to filter some of the darkness and madness. 
I just want to make something that moves people, inspires them, and brings the viewer pleasure whenever they look at my work. To contribute something tangible that says what words can't always say. 
The thing is my heart wants to focus focus focus on art art art. Yet my energy and time and bills say hair is whats paying you to take care of yourself. Same old same. Heart wants what the heart wants. However at this current moment my main focus is my relationship with God and continuing to seek Him in all things and going deeper and growing stronger in my faith. 

Here's to a beautiful year of renewal, refining, resolve, dedication, perseverance, love, patience, compassion, kindness and mercy. 
Happy New Year 
peace and blessings, 

PS. Here is glimpse of some of my 2012 art I realized I left out quite a few. lol

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