Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tentacle Liza

One day I was sitting in my room with the urge to create something. It had been awhile because it always takes me awhile to start a new pieces after I complete a new pieces. 
Well anyway I was staring at a 24x36 blank piece of birch wood. I randomly grabbed some painters tape and started taping off what I envisioned to be soft sun rays. I used an acrylic wash to fill in the spaces and added some circles at the base.
view from the bed.

It wasn't until after I got done that I actually got inspired to sketch what I envisioned being the focal point and main subject matter.

Instead of using transfer paper or my projector I just free hand drew it with a chalk pencil. It insured I would keep moving on the piece while I was energetic and inspired.

First layer of acrylic under painting which resulted in several layers of acrylic under paintings. 

Here is the last layer before I added oil paint to finish the rest of the details.

First layer of oil paint on her skin and tentacles.

close up details on her face

Her all done sitting on the easel drying.

Tentacle Liza all finished and photographed outside on a sunny day.
24x36 acrylic and oils on birch wood panel.

This journey was so much fun I can't wait to go on my next one.


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Anonymous said...

she's so pretty

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