Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Fancy and Goldie

Hello art friends and collectors. Hope all is wonderful. As of lately I have been having a little fun with collage. I did my canvases like I used to do when I was using pages from a certain book. Except I was still in the mood from when I did the family of owls for my sister. I used some scrapbook papers I had been saving for just the right art piece.
The second pic was actually my first collage and I had no clue what I wanted to paint on but I knew I wanted some oddities in there like mushrooms, pine cones and leaves. In both pieces the image came as an after thought but I good one :) 
Fancy 11x14 oil on collaged canvas framed

Goldie 16x20 oil on collaged canvas

Oil painting has been one of the most satisfying mediums I have have used so far. I love the way it stays workable and how when layering it makes your colors so much more rich and deep. I even love the smell of oil paint and the linseed lol. I still love my acrylics. I use them to do much of the under painting because it eliminates long dry periods. I also love the different things you can do with acrylics for special effects. Working on these two pieces simultaneously has shown me a way to keep moving. Because for some reason whenever I finish a piece it takes me sometimes a month to start a new piece. So having multiple pieces going on at once will prevent that from happening. Like now that that they are both done I am trying to get the mojo to start the next two pieces I have already laid backgrounds for.

Also wanted to let everyone know Fancy and Goldie are in my Bigcartel store along with...

Along Came A Spider 12x24 oil on wood framed and

Dhoe' 16x20 oil on wood framed

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