Friday, July 20, 2012

Vintage Erotica

Awhile ago a friend on YouTube sent me images of vintage erotica. It all happened because one day I was feeling extra extra generous and did a give away. All one had to do was send me images of feminine art that they loved and would like enter to win my version of it in my style. Well low and behold she was the only one who entered therefore making her the winner.

These were the images I used for inspiration with my quick sketch rendering in the center. 

Here a full image of the sketch before I finished it.

This was the sketch when I finished it.

Here are the progress shots of the painting,
under painting and layer one after coffee staining the paper. I chose paper instead of canvas because I wanted to frame the piece and I don't have any ornate frames in a small size. This way will allow me to go to a big box store like Michael's and get one for like 75% off.

Here you can see she is not as pink as before. I struggled with her coloring because I wanted her to have a pale porcelain color and make it a little like an old vintage photograph as well.

And at last here she is completed I matted her to give the picture more size. So now I need to find a 11x14 frame that has classic details.

I am really happy with the way she turned out, I love the gold details that are accentuated by the gold matting.

As for an update on the art behind the fifth image its coming along quite nicely just can't decide where to go with her hair at the moment.

That will be hopefully finished up by the weekend.

peace and blessings.

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