Monday, July 2, 2012

Rethinking my position as an artist.

This art biz has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. Sales have been up and down but either way never enough to live off of. I am bit frustrated with trying to figure out what formula works. I see some of my artist friends sell enough to earn a good living that sustains them.
I have done all the social networking and art shows and markets and live painting. I even support other artist. But I'm thinking now its just time to paint because I love to paint and it brings me peace and joy. Not for the public to buy it. I think shifting my focus on the continued love and sharpening of my craft will equate to happiness and peace. I will continue to post my works and sell prints of all my work. But originals will not be available once the sell ends.

Today I am taking a hiatus from the art biz. I will only paint as a way to exscape, relax, and enjoy quite time with my father. Although I feel like hair won't let me quit it. I have never loved it. The work itself has always came easy but the money is why I do it. Since I have discovered my undying passion and love for visual art. My hair business has suffered. I wanted to paint as a means to earn a living but so far that may not be why God has blessed me with my talent. It has always been in me but the gift didn't shine until I needed an organic way of dealing with the stress of financial losses, heartache and death. It has been and still is a beautiful intimate spiritual experience with my father and for that I am forever grateful even if I never sell another painting. So 40% OFF MY ENTIRE STORE use promocode BYEFORNOW when checking out. Thanks guys I will still post work just not selling originals for awhile.


Jody Coughlin said...

I've been down this road before too. It's funny, I see hair as a creative thing to do with the benefit of steady work that pays. I am thinkin'---hey, that's smart.

I never earn enough to live on even when the sales are at their best. I've often said without my husband I would have starved to death a long time ago. I don't know any artists, personally, who are making it on their own steam. Some have wealthy (and indulgent) families. Some get grants. Some teach. They all do something else.

As I see it, painting has to be the happy place of the artist. It's our bubble from the world. A sacred mind-space. I have learned to let it be, step back and refocus, as you've already decided to do.

I love your work. I find so much strength in it. It is a comfort to me to see such strong expression and your style is very much all your own. So unique.

We need to learn to cherish our inner artist and let the outer artist be the breadwinner sometimes. It's a bonus to have a creative outlet to do so. Get funky with hair! Oh man, have I rambled or what???

Jody Coughlin said...
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The Rich Ant said...

Thank Jody! I recently did a vlog on my youtube explaining that I'm happy and its all good. Just repostioning. I didn't want to give the impression that I was throwing in the towel completely. But I'm in a place. I love your art as well. I am inspired by other artist. The same way I am about life.

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