Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work work work yay!

Getting ready for two shows and so far a great start at the Silver Spring Fenton Street Market.
There is something about morphology that fascinates me. I fell in love with it when I discovered Lowbrow Artist Ela Steel. I love her work so much I stalked it until I had enough money to purchase one of her pieces.
So of course it slowly has defined my work. Half woman half something else...
The possibilities are endless. They either have bee bottoms, wings, tree heads, horns, tentacles, objects or antlers. They maybe totem heads or both totem heads and some type of animal bottom. The ideas are endless. But most likely they will involve a beautiful sexy woman and something else.
I love the direction my imagination has taken. I have said before I think I have finally found my voice.
Below is a pretty much finished piece, I have to add one last touch before I sign her. The other is a drawing I'm transferring onto wood panel.
RawArtistDC is June 14th here in Washington DC at Cafe Asia. Its a pop up art fashion concert show that happens all across the country and soon internationally.

I will post more about that in the next blog.
Until then peace and blessings.

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