Sunday, April 8, 2012


I have been working on a commission for a salon for a friend of mines. She wanted some inspirational words artistically written on her wall some how. However after our consultation and my quote, she really wanted something  she could take with her since it was an investment. That is if she decides to ever relocate. After much thought I knew she would love the idea of plexi glass but I did bring some other samples. But I like thought she loved the plexiglass.

So after securing a deposit I went to Lowest and purchased fancy hardware to anchor it and 7ft plexiglass and 34inches wide. I had to ask a friend to bring it home for me. So far it has been a challenge because of the turbo around time I had no real time research how I could make the process as easy as quick as possible. So I traced the words printed out in different fonts on one side and did the pain staken process of hand painting the other side. TEDIOUS needlless to say. But turning out very nice.
I will update the finished look once its installed.

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