Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have not been up to much lately. I finished the plexiglass. However I will have to sell it. I had my client come by because she was having a few changes made. Unfortunately she didn't care for quite a few of the fonts. After lots of research and a small trial nothing that can remove the acrylic without compromising the plexiglass. I really don't want to start over its tedious and I do not feel inspired or creative. However I want her to be satisfied. But I will most likely do things very different if there ever is a next time.
Last weekend I painted live at Lumen8Anacostia here in Washington DC. I sold one piece. But I still have the other available for sale. It had been about a year since I painted live. Not to mention having a creative block for two and a half months. So I was surprised at myself at how well I did.
Also I have been doing some drawings for perhaps future paintings. The ideas have been flowing every since my rut ended. THANKS LIVE PAINTINGS!
I also have been working on a small oil painting of an eye. It will be a start of a series of fantasy make up eyes.

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