Monday, March 26, 2012

Justice is on my mind

It has been over a month since I have painted. I have been obsessed with the Trayvon Martin case. Aside from the public outcry and outrage from people of all races around the world. I feel so saddened by all of the exposure. Yet I don't want the out rage to die down. I want people to stay angry and proactive. I want us all to examine our own fears and stereo types. What has been pre programmed in us to think about another race.

This man assumed because of the color of this boys skin he didn't belong and was up to no good. Its been a month and George Zimmerman has not been arrested. In fact he was never even taken into custody. There wasn't even a proper investigation. How can the life of another human being not even warrant investigating. What happen to the process?

Its a common thing when a black parent has a child particularly a son. That we have the talk about how to conduct themselves when out in public. The don't list they are now calling it.
*Don't run while carrying something they might think you stole it.
*Hurry up and buy when you go in a store
*Keep your hands out of your pocket.
*Always move slow, keep your hands where police can see them and tell them your are now going to reach in pocket slowly and hand them license.
*Don't stand around a place of business too long.
*don't have a bunch of friends in your car.

My son is 15 and he has had the list talk. He is a good kid who likes anime and manga. He enjoys cooking. He wants to attend art school for either video gaming or culinary. I have been spending an enormous amount of time with him or just watching him when he goes about. I hug him more. Both my children my daughter as well. I don't want either one of them to become a statistic. GOD WILLING my children will grow and become responsible, compassionate, successful adults. 

Now when I'm out and about running my errands I see Trayvon Martin everywhere. I AM TRAYVON MARTIN. WE ARE ALL TRAYVON MARTIN.

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