Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Minute

Hello beautiful people! So much to do and as always never enough time to do it. I got invited to do a group show for Black History Month. I have to submit 6 pieces. Thankfully since I never got my Engrained series framed I am going to cradle them and submit them as one piece. 

The other 5 pieces will be on wood as well. So far I have one almost completed piece that I'm working on now, and the other four have color washes on them. They are just waiting for the idea to come and it had better come soon! lol
Here is the almost completed piece...which I am hoping to get that finished and out of the way tonight.

But then I had an idea I wasn't exactly sure of... So I used some tracing paper to see how it would look.

I like the idea of the horns I have been seeing them in a lot of the art I love and since one of the color strokes resembled a horn I kept thinking it would be nice addition. I love totem heads or the idea of elaborate head dress. I have been wanting to explore that in my art for awhile now. This is just the beginning. 

So anyway... aside from painting I have begun my weight loss journey once again. It won't be easy but I have to do it. My happiness and life depends on it. This weight feels as if its weighing me down not just in the physical since but metaphorically speaking as well. I think it is what stopping me from shining. 2009 was the year for healing, 2010 was the year for discovery and renewal, 2011 was all about the launching Antwanyce the visual artist, this year 2012 is about building a better me which makes an even better Artist. Its time to go big or go home. 

So what are you doing different or better or more of or less of this year?

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