Monday, January 16, 2012

Her Crown Of Glory

I finished up three pieces for my group show and I'm currently working on the last piece. I have decided that the Engrained Series will be hung as two sets. Only because it's 2:43am Monday morning and I just don't have the mindset to start another piece specifically for the show. I need sleep and I still have to cradle ALL of the pieces and deliver them by tomorrow no later than 3:00. 

 The show these pieces are for will have the reception next month. I have another gallery I'm looking forward to working with as well. I will be doing a group show with them in March. I will post more details about that later.
Below are the pieces I have created for Black History Month for the group show at Artistic Visions Gallery in Bowie, MD.

Her Crown Of Glory 18x24 on wood cradle acrylic and oil.

Don't Cry Chrysa 12x24 acrylic and water soluble graphite on wood cradle.

Flower Child 12x24 acrylic and oil on wood cradle.

Deeply Rooted 12x24 acrylic and oil on wood cradle

After tomorrow is over I am going to bed at a decent hour and I am getting up and going walking. Maybe even to the gym. I will start my art for my next show and follow up on prospective commissions. I have also joined a daily drawing & or painting group on but I will also post here. I will most likely do drawings since thankfully I have been busy. I also plan to clean my room which is an under taking since I have no real storage space and that's the main source of the clutter. 

I make art a lot and enjoy it very much but I have got to get out the house more. I mean I'm not looking to be a socialite or anything but even I'm starting to feel like a basement mouse. I think it makes me a tad bit depressed. Not in a clinical type of way but just sad and weird. Lol.

Okay I am about to start rambling and that's not good so I'm just going to quit now and say goodbye. 
So peace and blessings.

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