Monday, January 2, 2012

Commission Her dad part 3

Happy New Year beautiful people

Okay so you guys already know I have been busy working on a couple of things. Mainly this portrait project. The other stuff I will blog about in the next blog. 

So operation Her Dad is just about over. The mission is just about complete just as soon as we get him nice and cradled. I'm just waiting for the varnish to dry first.

Its been a nice experience to do a portrait and capture the best of a person and still have creative control because your fans love your work and trust you...

Okay so here you can see where I added more value to his face.

Now I have taped off where I want the graphics to go and added the last of the acrylic layers before doing the oils. I just hope if I add them thin enough they will dry in enough time.

 Now I am adding the oils to soften the lines and give his skin a smooth creamy texture.

 Finally he has eyes! I always wait until the end to do eyes. I know weird right lol.

 Time to tighten things up with the facial hair and head hair.
The salt and pepper beard. 
Easel shoot.
The shirt and graphics were the easiest part.


My first painting of 2012. Titled "In Memory Of Her Dad"

1 comment:

PEACHES said...

Im in awe at how well you've portrayed my dad..I cant wait to get a copy done for my grandmother I know she will fall in love with it like we have. Thanks again and God Bless

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