Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This was fun

I had fun working on this but whew I'm glad its done. It was tedious in a different kind of way, like awkward I suppose but I enjoyed it. However I must say I need a better work chair ASAP! I sit down on a lot of small paint jobs or when I am doing fine details. I think the saddle stool might be the best choice for me. No handles so I can hold something like a guitar or a long painting in my lap. Also the saddle helps your posture which would alleviate back pain and stiffness. The kind with wheels and a hydraulic base. I am going to have to look online for one soon. 

This Guitar painting is untitled but I listened to Massive Attack, Blind Divine and Portishead the whole entire time. I didn't want to think about all the other stuff that gets me all worked up and emotional. I wanted a paint session where I didn't end up crying. So no Adele, Amy, or any chic singing sad songs. No oldie but goodies to make me reminisce. Just good bands that play the hell out of instruments. 

Front view studio shot

 Back View studio shot

Now for the outdoor photo shoot

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