Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Engrained series

The incorrect spelling of this word had me tossed up between the correct spelling... however because of the definition of the correct spelling (Ingrained) I didn't press hard into the wood in which I used to create these images. I simply drew on the wood but its a softer wood than some others so it appears to be slightly (ingrained). Then I thought about using "etched" in front of engrained. That lead me down a whole other rabbit hole. Either way its the spelling I preferred so I choose the "incorrect" spelling although several articles online debate whether it's recognized or not. This whole spill is for all the spelling and grammar Nazis out there. 

So anyway.... Engrained is an open series I will continue working on in various sizes of wood with a lot of grain it. Hint Hint get it lol. A lot of grain titled Engrained but not ingrained literally. Ha ha ha I crack myself up.

Okay seriously here they are collectively.

They are all 5.5x5.5 inches and framed in basic black box style framing. They are to be sold in sets of four.

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