Monday, December 26, 2011

Commission "Her Dad"

Yay for constant work! This weeks project is a portrait painting. Although I'm not a portrait artist I don't mind doing them from time to time. Especially since I get to add my artistic flair to this one. Whenever someone wants me to duplicate the exact same picture onto a canvas I have to decline. For me it has to have some feeling and passion for me to be enthused about the project. Anyways...
This portrait painting is for a client who had only one picture of her Dad and he is now passed on. Talk about pressure. Its all the more reason I want it to be really special. I printed out the pic and would imagine if he were my dad. Or I think about my beloved uncle's that are now gone just so I can usher in the presence needed to create an image with the same love she has for him. Or even the same labor of love for the pretty figurative women I enjoy painting.

Insert original photo here NOT! )
adobe reader pdf file

 The plan was to brighten and contrast the pic in photo filter, soften it and enlarge it. Then print it out and and trace it onto the surface I plan to paint it on. That way it would be as close to an exact duplicate of the photo. 
 The only little issue was the image its self. It's dark and was sent as a pdf instead of a jpeg so it's a read-only file. After spending too much time trying to convert the file I just did it the old fashion way. I am quite sure there was some way I could figure out how to change it but I just used my computer screen as my reference zoomed in 400-600%. The key to drawing from a photo or image is you can not rely on your memory. You must constantly keep your eyes focusing back and forth to the reference photo. The crazy thing is even in doing so you still capture the person the way you see perceive them... just hopefully not in a bad way. 
Below you can see I used a large 18x24 drawing pad and my laptop, along with the printed photo of him to draw him. The reason I am doing such a detailed rendering is because 1 it makes good practice and 2 she or her sister may want the drawing as well. It would look nice framed. Next I will used transfer paper to trace the basic details onto the surface I plan to paint on. 
Below is a few mobile pictures of me working at the dining table Christmas night after all the festivities had ended. The house was nice and quite. I was very much in a creative place. It was a good day.

Here was a quick sketch before I started adding value and taking away details that were from my memory instead of the photo it self.

Here you can start to see were he looks a bit more like the picture.

Here was the next morning after some sleep and some fresh eyes. I changed the hairline and started adding the fine lines in his face and shading in the beard more to reflect grey hair. Next I will finish the tedious details of his hair. some of this part will have to be somewhat of a guess since its a dark photo. But none the less I am having fun. 
Maybe today I will get a chance to record the process. My YouTube fans will love that.

Anyway to be continued...
see ya tomorrow until then peace and blessings and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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