Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Commission "Her Dad" cont'd

Hello people hope all is well in internet land. I have completed the drawing of my clients dad now its has been transferred to the wood panel. I have a few progress shots but from this point I will keep updating but no photos as to keep the element of surprise intact for my client.

So here if you look closely you can see the graphite transfer I did from the original drawing. The background is an acrylic wash to enhance the grain of the wood. However its far from complete.
Like I mentioned before in most cases there would be no original drawing unless requested. I  would normally just project the image and trace it onto the wood or canvas.

Here I am doing the first layer or whats is called the under painting. It will takes several layers to get the shading and completion where I will feel most satisfied. Originally I was going to do him in black and white monochromatic and have a colorful background. But my gut said she would probably appreciate the color better.

The crazy thing is upon studying the photograph on my computer screen more while painting I see a few adjustments I need to make to the original drawing, which I already made to the painting. 

Okay layer number three you can see where I have started adding value in various places to his face. Its at this point where I have to go back in and make some necessary changes that are bugging me then I will work on the graphics and the finer details of his face.

At this point its time for me to begin my work week at the salon. But I did get a chance to tweak a few things and do a glazing technique to achieve the creaminess that oil paint has. I like the look of oils but I am too impatient and a procrastinator who needs instant dry time because I tend to wait until the eleventh hour to do stuff. Oils tend to take several days to dry. 

If I'm not too tired from the salon I will work on him a bit when I get home in the evenings. However I am trying to commit to a better schedule that allows me to get more rest and exercise. I have decided to push my date back a little further as far as coming from behind the chair. I want to explore studio space for half of what I'm paying for my chair. I will try to save half of what I'm earning as an artist for the next two months and combine that with my tax refund. That will serve as cushion for my exit from where I currently work as a stylist. 

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