Monday, June 13, 2011

She is coming along slowly

I have been putting this painting down because I worked on A Mommy's Love piece and also because the original direction I wanted to go in has changed. But here is the blog were I initially had the first idea. It's been slowly coming along.
I still have no clue as too how the final piece will turn out nor do I have a title. But when doing research for photo references for peacocks it definitely correlates with a message I often thought about when learning about male colorful birds or any male animal, fish, etc that is elaborately designed to attract his female counterpart. Yet in human societies its often the opposite. I watch in the wild how  male birds spread or puff their elaborate feathers in front of the female they want to court for mating.  They coo and hop around doing dances even to entice her. 
But in today's modern human culture that type of wooing seems to be dead. Guys don't even want to date you with out expecting some thank you sex in end. IF they even take you out at all. Not to mention the advancements in modern technology, yet setbacks in interpersonal skills. Text massaging (although I love its convenience) it is not a way to get to know a person. Anyone I want to get know and spend my time talking too gets some good old fashion phone time.
Then I see a trend of females who seem to think its "her" that has to do all the wooing. Dressing provocatively and being way to concern with their outer appearance while the inside beauty lacks luster or refinement. Some going out of their way even to buy a mans affection with gifts and sexual favors.
Call me old fashion but what happen to being a lady. Allowing a guy to pursue you. There are ways a lady can show a man she is interested without looking desperate but it should be him who pursues you. 

But maybe perhaps it isn't something new. When I think about primitive tribes the females painted their faces and whore fancy adornments to attract a males suitor. During the early twentieth century female acts often dress or lack there of to sell out shows and to just make a living. 

Some females were even prostitutes the worlds oldest profession...
I may have gone too deep with the meaning of this painting after all it could just simply be she is pretty and so are peacocks. 

Your Thoughts??????

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