Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet Allurea

Finally I am beginning a new series of elaborate detailed pieces of exotic women. Painting this piece has been so much fun and I deviated way off the path of my original idea. The process of painting and allowing my muse to inspire me as I go was so different from the way I normally work. And in doing so I have been inspired to do more pieces like this and I believe I will attempt to freely paint the next one as well.
Well anyway without further ado let me introduce you too...

Derived from allure: to entice by charm or attraction; the quality causing attraction; something desirable

I was so excited to introduce her that I couldn't wait until the sun came out so I could photograph her outside in the natural light. So prints will be introduce no later than Monday. But she is 24x30 acrylic on collage 3/4 gallery edge canvas. She is now for sale in my store and yes payment options are available. You can also click on the image as well.

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