Sunday, April 17, 2011

A new home

Hi guys this week has been a really weird week. I have had the worse case of attention deficit disorder. I know its this computer its wrecking my brain. I constantly feel like if I shake my head it will erase things and clear it up. However it doesn't work lol.

Anyway I have decided to move has moved to her own eCommerce place. A place where everything is housed under one roof and one very inexpensive monthly expense. I put my Etsy shop on vacation mode until I decided exactly how I want to handle that. But between Etsy,Big Cartel, Blogger, Facebook Fan page, paypal, ebay and Go daddy. It all gets so crazy! Not to mention all the fees. I have already shut down my artfire shop.

For now I will continue to keep my blogger.I am still on the fence on whether to just link my blogger page or start a new blog from scratch. But I love my blogger page. 

Anyway here it is! I hope you like! I made it all by myself.....YAY!

1 comment:

designerchik said...

look at u go Nycie, great job!

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