Friday, September 24, 2010


Meet the newest edition of the Fluid series Ms. Octavia....

This has been so much fun for me. I am truly enjoying the journey of layering and taking my time nurturing my work. I am pushing myself and challenging myself to new heights. This type of work is so satisfying. So much that I believe now I want to focus more energy on creating beautiful quality works of art with quality products that can last lifetimes, that can be showcased in galleries. I did a lot of research when doing this piece because I wanted too add to more sea life. Now I have so many more ideas I want to incorporate into the next "Fluid" piece. The seahorse and the bubbles were my favorite part almost. I think the seahorse deserves its own showcase on maybe a smaller canvas or wood panel. This one and the other two Red Seah and the Fluid abstract have been a turning moment in my artistic endeavors.  
The live painting events are nice but they stifle my creativity. I want to go beyond beyond. Time constraints and the mere fact that certain folks just aren't really interested in investing over $150 into art... has been quite frustrating. Especially when the audience wants too see new original ideas. 
Don't get me wrong the events are wonderful and they have allowed me to get my name out. I love the music and the crowd. However its time consuming and physically draining.
I wouldn't mind narrowing it down to perhaps twice a month. With lots of promotion that way I can just bring a work in progress and sell existing completed work that can be on display. After all most people just want a glimpse of what goes on behind the scene. They are curious about the amount of detail and skill that go into creating a work of art. I don't mind giving them that, just not for a few bucks. So now I have some decisions to make about my future as a live painting artist. 
I do have a few different scenarios that I could consider... like perhaps a $100 sitting fee along with the guarantee of a minimum $100 sale. Or only doing basic ideas that I've already done with a few variations on much smaller canvases or wood, maybe even paper. Which can be done in less time. I think as I'm typing this that the first two options sound great and still only a few times a month.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions or advice?? You can tell me...
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