Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enjoying the journey...

I love watching other artist go through there process of creating. You Tube time-lapse, live streaming, progression pictures etc etc. I have fallen out of the habit of turning on the camera but I do take plenty of progression photos with my cell phone. However lighting is challenging and my cell phone only takes mediocre pictures but the final piece will be perfect. So I decided to update you on my latest piece. It still has quite a ways to go but it is coming along nicely.
Alrighty... now here you can see the concept, I drew it in marker so it wouldn't bleed because I'm out of fixative.

This is the under painting and far from the colors you will see in the final product.

Okay now you can see the values and skin color coming in.

Now after a long battle with the shading of her skin I moved on to her octohair lol.

Here is where you start to see some of the sea plants and coral getting a second layer of color. I've also begun to start on the eyes. 

Now she is getting a little make up and nail polish and more layering on the seaweed.

Okay, so lots has happened in this picture because I forgot to take pictures at a few stages. So I added more layers and color to the coral and seaweed. Then realized the octopus was missing two arms, gave them some suction cups and highlighted them. I made her cry and added bangs. The octopus has eyes now but still no where near done.

Lots more texture and depth to the sea ground but I still have to do that other coral spongy thingy and the sea horse along with some more layering and glazing. 
To be continued...
again my apologies for crappy pictures but the finished piece will be good.

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