Monday, May 3, 2010

The broken dreamer

I thought today I'd finally give my artist statement about my work...

 I create many of my pieces while learning to deal with the past. I can be a bit of a ruminator. I get it from my mommy. I spend a large part of my conscious thinking reminising of the days now gone. Some are memories of the good old days some not good at all. Many of my pieces have a common thread that runs through them. This was not done by default but by design. All my works pays some type of homage to some person, place, or time in my life either past, present, or future. Love ones who are no longer here, love that is lost, hearts that have broken, worlds and dreams shattered. Yet in the mist of the chaos there is this feeling of whimsical hopefulness. 

  • Often times you see various trees in my work. Trees mean alot to me. They signify growth, & strength. Most have been around for hundreds of years. So they have deep rooted history. They keep me grounded. They tell me where I've been and what I'm made of.

  • Clouds are another thing seen in my work they can be good or bad. On a good day they represent hopefulness, dreams, full of many ambitious possibilities. However when there is a storm...they can mean struggles, opposition, a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

  • Faces or eyes are the human connection with me the artist. When they are shut they are often dreaming & reminiscing. Sometimes with tears of joy or sadness. When the eyes are open its a window with a glimpse into my soul.

  • Suns represnet a new day its a reminder that whatever we go through it too will pass. 

I hope this gives you and other viewers an insight into my mind and feelings I try to convey in my work. Although I often times don't fully disclose the meaning to an individual piece. I like to leave the interpretation up to the viewer. Besides as I continue to live and have life experiences my work will constantly evolve. 
I just wanted to take the time too say a few words about my work and to give thanks to God. I want to also thank my family who supports and believes in me and my wonderful collectors and fans. I truly appreciate you all. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Peace and Blessings.

Antwanyce "RichAnt" Richardson

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