Monday, April 5, 2010

100 subscribers on youtube!

I don't know why but it is more important for me to have subscribers to my You Tube and Blogspot than anywhere else. I guess because these are the two places I really pour myself into the world. I mean don't get me wrong Twitter is great and I have formed a few friendships there but 140 can't put into words my thoughts or what I create.
So today I am celebrating a small milestone over on my You Tube channel. I have 100 subscribers and even though its not a whole lot it means a whole lot to me. It feels good to know your voice is being heard. Especially when they leave comments, opinions, or words of encouragement.
Yes ultimately I do it all for my nerves and pleasure but its natural to want to be noticed. Heck even better when being noticed starts paying off.
So to show my appreciation for all my subscribers I am doing another give away except this time its the painting I actually just got finished painting in the You Tube video. If your interested in having a chance to win you have to be a subscriber and leave the comment "I want it". The winner will be announced next Monday.

Again thank you guys so much and here's to 100 more!
peace and blessings

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