Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where would it all go???

Okay every since I started to become social on the internet and making overseas connections with artist from around the globe I couldn't help but to question if what I do is all that special....
I mean really..... just looking around this wonderful place "Art From The Heart" you see so many talented artist from one genre to the next.
It is truly amazing! Then there is twitter, youtube, facebook, and etsy and you just really start to think OH MY FREAKING GAWD THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD IS AMAZING! It for me has truly been humbling I mean to think I was special because I could just pick up a pencil and draw a face when I was a small child. While some people can't even draw a straight line lol. Whatever! God sure does know how to get your head out of the clouds from time to time.

No, but seriously I don't say all this in a bad way. It just motivates me to constantly improve and make myself better. I have learned so much about layering and shading and what it is that I truly want to paint. Where as before I had no specific genre I would paint big scary monsters then whimsical trees and everything in between. I wanted an audience from every walk of life to love my art. However slowly but surely I know where I think I want to be and I honestly still don't know what name or genre that should be. But I know what I tend to gravitate towards when picking up and instrument to create with.

I have been really in this weird place since mourning the death of my Uncle and I couldn't paint for awhile without falling apart. Painting gives me so much pleasure and I somewhat felt guilty and sad for partaking in something I knew he would never again experience. Then one day I woke up feeling a little less heavy and dark and I have been turning out some canvases and drawings every since then. Which leads me back to all the talent in the world and how I'm just little old me. Death seems to bring these kinds of thoughts to the fore front of my head. I thought about my Uncle and all his belongings, be it significant or insignificant. They didn't go with him. I assume they what they wanted and then my Granddad discarded or donated the rest.

Which got me to thinking about all the late great Artist. I watched the documentary on Picasso and thought OH MY Goodness he had a lot of art. I mean obviously him and other famous artist had already had an established name in the Art community. And with so many great talents out there far more known than little RichAnt in her little corner of the globe. When I go where will all this that I spilled out of my whirly, moody, silly, creative, little head go? My family isn't big on hoarding a bunch of dead love ones belongings maybe just a few significant pieces of jewelry or whatever they coveted prior to.

The question is do I give it away if it doesn't sell in a certain amount of time. I for one would much rather see it hanging on display on someones wall than sitting in my garage piling up. Where will it go, I know I won't know but the thought of any of it ending up in the trash just sends me into a hissy fit. A darn tantrum I tell ya.

I mean I may be laughing at myself while typing this but it does make me wonder a lot. Especially with so many other great folks out there to contribute to the art world. My 15 year old daughter who thinks I'm "the bomb" and about to explode lol. (where she got that idea I have no clue) She says she would keep them all because after all she is my biggest fan.

That my friends is priceless....

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Anonymous said...

Really nice post and nice collage of your work. You are very talented.

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