Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello my friends. I am excited because I have created a new website that will hopefully become an online community sort of speak. I have never before done anything like this and it took me all night long. I'm still tweaking it a bit but the bases are there. So check out and sign my guestbook and become a member. I have so many ideas for this website I am bursting at the seems. But I'm learning the importance of tackling one thing at a time. That way it doesn't overwhelm me and cause me to shut down.

Today I worked on some small art. I did two hand painted blank note cards and two pendants. They are available on my website now.

I could create all day long but I get so easily side tracked. I think that is why I prefer to do my creating at night. Maybe one day I will have an actual art studio so I can close myself off for a set amount of hours.

My mind has been so focused on my late Uncle Darel, that I go off into and have these crying fits that exhaust me and then I want to just sleep. My cell phone has been turned off and you'd would think I would be totally stressed out but it can be a distraction. But if I don't do something about it, it will be too late to recover. It's funny though because I don't care as much as I thought I would. Almost as if losing my Uncle has made me not sweat the bullish as much. I mean yeah I'd like for it to be on but I know it will happen sooner or later.

This may sound weird but I remember some years way back my mommy had the ability to fly in her dreams and after the passing of a family like friend she would dream and her friend would visit. My mom would always fly off away from her. I never understood why... I used to fly in my dreams but would always be afraid to go too high and I didn't have control so it stopped happening. Now I would love too fly. I also would love to have my Uncle Darel visit me in my dreams. I miss him. We could do all the things we had planned to do every night when I goto sleep. That would really constitute as a wildest dream lol.

Speaking of dreams I found these cool words of inspiration and decided to incorporate them in my art so I have pretty much completed two but they aren't varnished so they are still considered WIPs. But I want to show them off anyway. 
Yep they are happy art that I hope will encourage and inspire. I have two more I want to do like these.
I also want to do some on 12x12 canvases also so stay tuned for more. 

I also want to talk about giving away some of my art. I gave away a really nice piece yesterday to someone kind of random but not. He saw this particular piece at an art festival last summer. He loved it enough that he wanted to spend money he didn't have but I talked him out of doing that. He happens to be a friend of mine on Facebook but that is our only connection. Which happened because we share a mutual friend. His status is always words of wisdom and full of spiritual reflection or he is just plain encouraging. So a few days ago I figured oh what the heck. It had been poorly photographed so it didn't get many hits and it has been sitting. I'd rather my art be on display for people to see and enjoy than piling up in my garage. Now don't get me twisted I do not plan to make a daily habit out of this but it felt good to give. Just because and yes I will give again. I also like doing the random give aways here on my blog or Youtube. 
However a sister gotta eat and so do my kids so I'd like to be selling more than I'm given. 

Well ladies and Gents until the next time peace and love!


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Krista Hasson said...

Congratulations on your website! I just finished looking through it. Nice and colorful, your artwork looks amazing on it. Very nicely done

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