Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine's Day is coming sighhhh......

Okay I loathed this day because for years I have not had a Man I can call my Valentine. Yep no flowers or chocolates for me. Tsk tsk I know. Some of you may feel its a bit over rated anyway. I agree to some extent however it does remind me that Mr. Right is still lost wandering around out there searching for me. lol I am far from perfect but I'm am perfectly me and wonderful and unique with qualities that I know some GOOD fella out there will one day appreciate. Until then yall already know Art is my lover.

On that note and in light of the lovers day coming up next month I have created a few pieces that I am selling in my shop. You can give them away as Valentine's gifts or keep them and use them as decorative pieces to adorn your home or office. Whatever your heart desires lol. I will be making more in the next day or two. So check my etsy or artfire store for new updates within a couple of days.

I also uploaded a new youtube video showcasing a few of my drawings. 
Below is an example of my first celebrity drawing I completed last night. The drawing is part of a creative exercise that artist do on twitter called #draw365.

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