Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I been trying to just keeping the creative juices going...

I have so many projects going on lol. That my life coach says I need to focus on one at a time but getting my brain to agree is a whole other game plan. To stay charged I've been trying to draw daily and post it on twitter using the hashtag #draw365. Then decided to try to commit to a dailymugshot daily. Journal daily which in a lot of cases become post for this blog. Not to mention the art projects I try to commit myself to completing at least one painting a week. Maybe perhaps I'm a bit crazy. On top pf all that read all the blogs I follow interact with followers on twitter and try to create a youtube video at least twice month although I said I would do one a week lol. 

Sidebar: Yeah and remember I am a mom who has to cook and interact with two teenage children one of which loves to impose herself all up in my personal space every waking moment. I also style/color hair at a salon at which I'm suppose to be walking out the door to goto right this very moment. Oh yeah did I mention I need to ship some art off to the post office and make a deposit at the bank. 

I know I know...... crazy right but don't sit there and act like most you aren't doing the same insane thing.

Oh yeah above are some of the drawings/doodles I do daily.

This is a portrait I'm working on in between the easy stuff.

Below is a WIP I'm going to either sale or auction and all proceeds goto the HopeForHaiti fund raiser.

Last but not at all least in the mail today I received this pretty hand painted pendant all packaged up so pretty from an etsyian who bought some hand painted cards from me. So check out TheHennesseyCompany they also do excellent photography.

alrighty now thats all for now friends gotta run! 
Peace & Blessings,

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gold pencil_check...

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