Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A BRAND NEW DAY is here right now...

These days it seems like time is moving at warp speed. I sit and try to figure out when did time started flying this way. I often wonder is it because at this current moment in my life I feel like I have to hurry up and accomplish the things I want. 

Some people say as long as we are living we are going to constantly want more out of life. I somewhat agree with that. Some would say to always want more sounds as though you aren't ever going to be satisfied. I disagree I think its healthy to never stop settings new goals. Even if your goal is to just remain free of the stresses of the daily grind you found yourself in prior to retirement. (As I'm thinking of someone in particular.)  However I think getting to a certain place of satisfaction, where you can sit back and relax sort of speak depends entirely on the individual. After all there are business Moguls out there who are in their late 70's early 80's still buying up companies and wheeling and dealing.
Are they never satisfied???

I'm definitely in search of my own satisfaction. I know I have a dream of being a working self sustaining full time artist. I know that in a few weeks the end of the year will be here. 2010 has to be a year of fearlessness. Having no fear or self doubt even when the nay sayers will try and dump their garbage on your lawn. 2010 has to be about dreaming bigger and crazier than ever and then going for it with all your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears. 

If people aren't saying how crazy or insane your dreams sound then you aren't dreaming big enough!

In this photo is the word "WISH" and around it is my paint stuff, a picture of my kids when they were little and basically my work space in disorder.
As I examined they photo further I realized it reflects my life. The big wish is what I wish my life was or how I'm constantly wishing to turn back time. Wishing things had stayed the same blah blah blah. The layers of paint on my make shift palette represent the layers of bad habits and bad ways of thinking and mistakes of my past. The paint tubes represent the ideas yet tried...the new possibilities and experiences yet to unfold. The picture of my children represents me always living in the past being so caught up in the if only or missing out on some of the most important moments in my life. The troll doll and pony represent the want and need to still cling to the happier sillier things in life. And last but not least the cluttered workspace represents the chaos surrounding me. The negative self loathing I inflict on myself on a day to day basis and the fact that I do feel like time is of the essence. The fact that I can't stay focused and the crazy mood swings. The mess I have made because of my choices. 

In this photo is the sunrise or dawn of a new day. A day to relish the small things in the here and now, and to look towards the future. The person has their arms raised and spread out as though they are embracing this fearlessness of change and all that it has too offer. 
After all the great Charlie Chapman said "Nothing is permanent is this world... not even our troubles"

So 2010 is the beginning of not only a new year but a new decade. The start of a brand new day is here starting now this very next second or minute. Hell every next second, minute, hour, day, week, and year that we are still here alive and breathing it's never to late to Dream and run as if your life depended on it towards those dreams.

The Thrill of Life Isn't In How You Land, But In How You Fly!!!!

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