Friday, December 4, 2009

I finally started a new series...

Okay so like a few blogs ago I was ranting about how "I" am the one stopping me from having whatever my heart desires. Especially little things like a series of avant garde' hair/ make-up fashion editorial paintings. Well I finally got around to braving myself to do something a little more complicated than whimsy trees. The first in the series is a deep brown African American girl with dramatic yet artfully done make-up. She is painted on collaged editorial ripped pieces of paper.

How many do I planned to do who knows at this moment. Are they all going to be black mmm no not all of them however there will be several in different shades of color. So whom ever you can identify can certainly claim them to be you. (did you understand that<<<<<???)

I took the first one to work with me in hopes it would inspire some or one of my colleges to purchase one or request one since after all they are Hairstylist. They loved it and of course gave many opinions on what I can do differently on the next one. Some said the background should have been a bit shaded some say she should have been more transparent as to see the editorials. Hmmm I'm learning and experimenting as I go. Each one will definitely be uniquely different from the others. Each one hopefully gettting more and more fascinating than before. 
I did a time-lapsed speed painting on this painting as well. I'm not sure if I'm going to do all of them that way because the process is so tidious and then on top of all the editing that goes along with it, ughhh.

I haven't named her yet. So many things come to my mind when looking at her. Like "Shake  it senorita with the flower in her hair". I remember that was a little song us girls sang as kids, sort of like "ring around the roses" but different. Then I thought about "Black Coffee" you know without the cream. I don't know.... still thinking but "Black Coffee" is a strong contender. 

Tell me what you think of her honestly... and what do you think a good title for her should be????


LiLu said...

Not sure... she looks like a Carmen to me, maybe!

Sadia Hussain said...

Very bold and strong palette! only the background may not match with the title I would suggest "Medusa".

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