Friday, November 20, 2009

Twitter addict

Okay so its official I have lost my mind. I can't stop checking my twitter updates. I do it in the car, in the bathroom, while servicing my clients, in the grocery store, while having lunch with a friend, in the bed, as soon as I come home I turn on my tweetdeck. I am on twitter more than facebook.

Who do I follow? Mmmm mostly artist but 80% of the time I follow back everybody. I just have my favorites grouped together so their tweets don't get lost in all the info links and news tweets. Not that I don't love info because I have a group for them too and then the ones that aren't in a group don't show up in any of my feed but I will see their updated notification pop up and if I glance and it looks interesting than I click on it. However for the most part its pretty simple to organize and it is a information highway and an excellent tool for your business.

Like anything else I use it mainly to network with other artist and to sell my art.

This week I've been busy making hand painted greeting cards again and I have tried to photograph them in several different ways and to no avail have I had any success. Its the one thing I dread about listing my artwork is the picture taking aspect of it. Below are just a few but I've made tons. They will be available on my shop momentarily.

I have also been working on another tree with a collaged background. I don't know why its taking me so long to finish but oh well.

Ughh hmm lets see what else has been on my mind. Well since I've decided to be true to myself and blog or paint they way I deem fit me for my pleasure... her are a few things I want to rant about.

1. It kills me how everyone wants to be an expert on how I should live my life yet all the while their life is nothing I'd ever deem greener on the other side. Some folks you can see their yellow grass a mile away humph.

2. Hair salon clients who abuse the privilege of having my mobile number calling me and texting me like I'm their man on child. geshhh! I'm not open 24/7 stop harassing me! I got the first text message and your voice mail wtf. I will respond when I'm ready.

3. All the time your basement was empty you most likely very seldom went down in it. Why must you come down now that I stay in it. Why must you move my things around.

4. Is it wrong to want to buy stuff for your house you don't have yet?
(I know the answer to this question but I don't like it)

5. Can I buy a spice or a different brand of tea or any grocery item that isn't generic or on sale and not be chastised for it.?

6. It annoys me that guy from Project runway gets credit for coining "Hot Mess" its so old and its something in the fashion and hair world where flamboyant gay men have been saying it for eons.

7. America has dubbed the real term "pound" for "Fist bump"and makes me wanna pull my hair out but what really blows me is the black community has allowed it to happen. lol it just sounds so corny that way ughh

Okay enough ranting for one day. I must go and find a box large enough for my three gallery wrapped canvases to fit in that I sold. BTW I'm still having a 50% off sale until Dec16th on all Original paintings with free USA shipping.

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