Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lately I've been feeling like I need a new direction or voice for my art. I know I'm relatively new in my pursuit at a career as a full time artist. I understand the importance of finding a style and medium I am comfortable with and can master being good at. I know it takes time to build a fan base... Yet now I find myself just being pulled to do something with a greater meaning. Almost as if God himself is telling me something.
Now don't get me wrong...I love what I paint but I am feeling the urge to do much more challenging work. Some stuff that really tells a story. In a surreal dreamlike sort of way. I keep hearing certain inspirational songs in my head whenever I start sketching some the things my imagination comes up with.
There are even songs that have nothing to do with praise and worship that just sound awesome because of the instruments being used that linger in my head and bring about this new urge to draw. The strange thing is I draw figuratively much better (IMHO) than I paint.
Another strong desire I have is to start drawing from some of my inspiration as a hairstylist. I really want to do a series on fantasy hair art.

I find myself being somewhat intimidated by the degree of difficulty that some of my visions have when I think of how I am to interpret them onto canvas.

Now some may be wondering so whats stopping you?...
Than answer is simply me.
I stop me from doing so many things.
Change is not as easy as it is said... trying and doing actually require strength and courage in the face of adversity. These are things that are required because obstacles are going to be thrown on the road of the journey.
Being proactive is not for the faint at heart. Most times it takes being faced with the idea that your time is about to run out before most of us finally decide to start living.

The crazy thing is... this just about my challenges as an artist but the very same issues have made themselves right at home in every aspect of my life. Be it art, losing weight, doing hair, seeking God, being a good mother, daughter, grand daughter etc. etc.

I keep thinking I just need a get away of some sort. Like a 30 day sabbatical or something but there are people who have over come hurdles far greater than mine yet they didn't go away somewhere to do it.
Besides I've learned that the one thing I can't escape no matter how far I drive or fly away.
That which is me.

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can you say D

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