Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tid bit update

I go through these weird stages where I just don't blog like I should. It would help If I knew what to talk about. In my earlier blogging days I just talked about any and everything on my mind. Eventually I started to feel as though I was doing more on-line journaling than I was blogging about the arts. Not to mention the crickets that find their way on top of my desk from time to time.

I have been busy though... I have worked on a few new pieces. I did a swirly family tree for my grandma's 75th birthday. Then I did a logo for my hair business. I then took the painting and uploaded it to zazzle and ordered business cards. I want a tee shirt too but its not in the budget this week here is the photo of the new Hair4U logo.

its a painting I did on illustration board with acrylics.

I will upload the other paintings maybe later on today.

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