Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sailing/ Painting...

Okay so today I had the hardest time editing my latest video for a painting I stayed up all night to do. It got to the point of tears. Maybe perhaps its because my net book is not the work horse I try so desperately for it to be. I really want a 4gig so bad. Sighhh Well I did eventually conquer the world and get my massive upload/ edit done and done almost to my liking. I wish I had a camera man or assistant.

Now on too the title. Well while dreaming up my painting I was listening to Christopher Cross "Sailing". I even listen to Avant's rendition. It had me in this dreamy mood that and Craig Armstrong. But the words to "Sailing" had me. I suppose sailing for him is like painting is for me. He sings about how the canvas can bring miracles. How you never know where it can take you. How free it makes you feel. I can so relate on so many levels. Except my canvas is on dry land 99% of the time. There maybe perhaps in the future room for an easel and some open water inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration its so cool and strange how you can find it almost anywhere. However if you ever watch "The Knowing" check out the very end its so beautiful and powerful. It somewhat reminds me of what I imagine heaven looking like. So I jumped up and paused the DVD player and took a pic with me cell my camera's battery was on the charger.

Now this is a pic of what I did a You Tube time-lapsed painting of after that is my awful cell phone pic of what I would

love to recreate ala' RichAnt style.

I so love in the second one who you can see planets in the horizon. I so can't wait to do something similar to this.

Let me know what you think and please comment. Take care.

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