Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You Dana Marie!!!

YAY! My wearable art has arrived! It's even more beautiful in person. I tell ya this lady is THE BOMB!!!!

Okay once upon a time I was snooping around on Twitter looking for other artist to twit with and I stumbled upon Ms. DanaMarie. I went to a linked she posted and to my amazement and surprise she was doing tiny paintings. I just so happen to love tiny paintings (aceo's) however she took tiny and turned it to teny.
I mean her wearable art glass pendants are so unique. She is the inspiration behind me starting my line.
So anyway I knew I wanted one but there weren't any that said RichAnt. Then I found one that she did of a rendition of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. I thought to myself "this I have to see in person" I mean the details were so intricate. The only thing was it was already sold. So you know me and my love for the color purple. I sent her a DM (direct message) on Twitter and asked if she could do me one using shades of purple. She said yes and that is how the "Rendition of Starry Night in Amethyst" was born. Then it made it's way to me.

Thank You so very much DanaMarie your art has touch my heart both figuratively and literally.

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