Thursday, June 11, 2009

My latest project.

I found inspiration to do this particular style of pedant from DanaMarieArt. She is an art blogger I follow on twitter and here on the blogspot.
I myself have commissioned a glass locket pendant original art from
DanaMarieArt. Her work is exceptionally exquisite.

I like this kind of pendant art more than the typical glass art pendants because it allows for the pendant owner to still own an original piece of art.

I've done six of these tiny paintings yet I have only purchased three glass lockets. I will post them in my store and see how well things go. Between this and the small art trading cards. I have truly fallen in love with tiny works of art. I find myself feeling a zen like calmness when working on small bodies of art.
Don't get me wrong the larger bodies I enjoy as well, but they can sometimes be a bit intimidating for me. Not to mention expensive. This allows me to work continuously on my art regardless of my budget until my sales increase.

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