Monday, June 29, 2009

BET is an embarrassment...

BET Awards has truly been a let down. I would have much rather they went on with the show as scheduled and then done a tribute to Michael later. Also I too was looking forward to a tribute to MJ from Chris Brown as well. It was the only reason why I watched the show in the first place.

If its true about Jay-Z having any influence on Chris not performing I think that is just wrong. After all none of us are perfect. I would've much rather have seen Chris's tribute than Jay-Z's lack there of.

In my opinion the show overall was tacky. I was embarrassed by the lack of respect shown for the elders of the audience. Not to mention the message the use of vulgarity and profanity sends to our young people. There were a few good performances but they were overshadowed by the lack of professionalism displayed by many of the celebrities.

The sad thing is they will repeat this train wreck all week. And I'm not even going to get started on the line up of reality garbage that BET has coming up. Perpetuating more of the same mess displayed on the awards.

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