Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She ate my bread and threw away my other loaf!

As if living in the castle isn't interesting enough.... The Queen ate my bread!

I bought some cinnamon raisin bread and put away in my pantry. Then I noticed it was open out on the counter half eaten. I asked the children if they had any, they said no but my nephew pointed out that there was a loaf of my wheat bread unopened in the trash can. It was still good! The SELL BY date was Feb 17..."SELL BY" is the key word not "throw away" date. There wasn't even a speckle of mold on the bread and it was still soft.

Now I have absolutely no problem with the Queen having some of my bread. After all she is letting me live in her castle for little of nothing. However when I had eaten some of her sun chips that were sitting around sense before I moved in...it was OFF WITH MY HEAD!!!! I better not even dare eat anything in her pantry or refrigerator especially without asking. Its to the guillotine if I did.

Meanwhile in between that I'm dealing with the worlds most lazy teenager in the world!!! I mean for the love of God!!! I can't believe she wanted to write an essay on how much she hates school. I was so angry that she was serious. I just knew she was kidding me. The sad part about it was all of the errors she made. Now I do not claim to be the most grammatically correct person by any means... but seriously if I ever were to consider doing what she did it would at least be done right.

Anyway I'm here at the public library posting my blog. While my dear sweet teenage daughter searches for a new topic to write about not to mention the science fair project she is getting a second chance at. (Thank You Mr. Moses!)

As far as my artsy side goes its still in full swing but I'm still finding inspiration from so many places. I have lots of good ideas I just have to figure out how I can keep up sense I'm suppose to be on a budget.
I've been painting on ceramic and marble tile. They ares so beautiful. Here is one example.

another doodle while at work waiting on a client. I think I'll make it a painting.

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