Saturday, February 28, 2009

my new obsession

Okay remember my post about how there is always going to be something new and better than whatever you currently died to have.

Yeah well I have that issue again. I mean I'm not going to act on it or anything. Its just that yesterday I went in the mobile store because my daughters phone isn't acting right. While waiting for them to fix it I was content to sit and wait. However my child who has always love to touch stuff just had to show me a phone.

(I would get her if she desrved it.)

Anyway...I really wasn't that interested in her wishes but the Blackberry Bold caught my eye. I played with it and low and behold, I am in love! Yes that's right I've cheated on my Blackberry Curve.
Its twice as fast and it truly is like a handheld PC. For you MAC fans its like your apple phone but more compatible with emails and pictures.
(I wonder if the Blackberry Touch is that nice.)
I don't want a phone through Verizon so I may never know. But the Bold is my new infatuation too bad I can't upgrade until 2010.

As for my laptop its on life support.

1 comment:

Muppet Soul said...

I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't upgraded to a blackberry!

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