Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I look so cute and gothic.... did I mention I'm fasting?

Today starts Lent. I am sacrificing mostly food and I'm not doing a lot of useless chit chat and gossiping. I am not Catholic but I believe in God and Jesus so I need to sacrifice some of my pleasures after all he gave the ultimate sacrifice. Besides the fact I need a lot of prayer and meditation in my life right about now. Through this I hope to gain clarity, wisdom, patience, energy, and endurance while allowing God to order my steps. Now I'm off to work. I have on such a cute outfit that I must not waste.

        another doodle and a 5 x 8 ceramic tile painting.

1 comment:

Muppet Soul said...

That tile painting is BEAUTIFUL.

I just saw that you're from Bowie!

I can't remember if it was Bowie or Laurel, but I lived there for a few months in my early twenties, and then moved to Bethesda/silver Spring area.

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