Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missing the water after the well runs dry...

Why is it that a lot of people appreciate that which they have only after its gone? Myself included...

I wanted a bigger house yet my Baby Town house was quite lovely. I wanted a convertible Mini but nothing was wrong with my year old dual sun roof Mini. Better better better!!! More more more!!! I find myself struggling with this constantly!! I blog about it all the time. Its what I believe got us as a country in the mess we are in.

Now we find our selves missings the very same things we found so unsatisfactory in the past. Yet we still walk around complaining.
Just know that when I say we it includes me.

The reason for todays epiphany is....I have been withholding from blogging because I can't post photos from my blackberry. I have all these various good topics that involve photos that I write about in my dream book.

(Dream book:a journal I carry around and jot down ideas or tape pics from random magazines to pages, sketch ideas for my art, reminders, whateva my head can't hold but my heart desires)

Anyway back to what I was saying. I miss my laptop. I used to complain about how ordinary and cheap it was until it got sick. However I will not take for granted my blackberry! Its just simply marvelous. It may not be a PC or Mac but its still the best qwerty keypad invention! Its a phone, camera, mp3, agenda book, journal, limited handheld computer. That has games, emails , voice dialing. Plus a bunch of other features that I don't use. I'm quite sure I can use it to post pics but I probably just don't have a clue as too how.

Now granted I missed the days when the block was HOT!!! Not in the since of the Rafael Edmund days but in the days of Bill Clinton, PG County wealthy black people, real estate appreciating, WOMEN GETTING THEIR HAIR DONE WEEKLY days. Post 911, post war Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan.

I am grateful that I have what I need. He has sustain me thus far. I woke up and woke up my children PRAISE GOD. I was under a very nice roof and slept in my very nice bed PRAISE GOD. I drove in my very cute car (although it isn't easy paying for it)Praise God. And went to my good job that although slow is still maintaining me. Praise God!

So now I have a new game I want us all to play... Instead of complaining let's start focusing on the good things no matter how small. Ex: I complain about my teeth not being the way I want them to be, but instead I am grateful to have teeth which don't look bad. Or how I can't peacefully sleep because I hear the furnace all night, but instead think about dirty damp basements or even worse shelters I could be sleeping in. God is good all the time.
I know its annoying sometimes to hear it, especially when you want to have a pity party or crabby moment. But it is what it is THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!!

Holla Back people!!! Peace

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