Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mad Artist in search of mad love!

Hello www.friends!
Happy Happy New Year!

I have been mostly in my head but I have so far managed to open a ING Orange savings account and I'm back in the gym. Now as for my love life... I'm already growing tired of internet dating. As a matter of fact its quite blah now.
I am ready for a fulfilling loving relationship. I think my cousin and her fiance' are the cutest little thing.
Sighhhh hmmm I remain hopeful.

Now on to my next dilemma...I want to be a well respected Artist! That's why I created this blog in the first place.
I purchased two large rectangular shape canvases and some heavy body level three paint.
Now here is an example of what goes on in the RichAnt's head...

•I really don't want to ruin a perfectly good canvas.
•I really want to get in a mood for painting
•I need natural sunlight
•I need a studio
•I need inspiration, where is my theme music
•I need a new computer to post pics on my blog
•why does my computer not act right
•If I sell two art pieces at $350 for a large piece every month that is overhead on a small studio in an office park.

As always these days I'm on my blackberry. This little thing does so much. I love my phone.
I love text message however how can you possibly build a friendship off of text.
Technology is wonderful but it can be very impersonal. I love the art of good conversation. I still like to write down my appointments even though I keep the same ones on my BB. Just because I like to write. I still prefer face to face meetings over web cams. Unless distance is an issue.
I often wonder if I were stranded on a Island and could still communicate via text but nothing else, would I still go crazy?
Its just certain things need to heard not read or said not texted.

Its funny because as an Artist I truly am the romantic for the older things yet can appreciate the new cutting edge stuff too.
Digital art requires just as much an imagination as well as paint brush to canvas.

I remember a movie that Sylvester Stallone played in. It was all futuristic. Everything was technical and impersonal. Even making love was a virtual simulation. Thanks to the rapid run of STD's.The human connection was lost. Art was a hologram image.

Well I am off to do my clients. Then conquer the fear of messing up on canvas. Still hopeful that love from a good man will find me.
Oh yeah I need a new Ipod so I can always be with my life's soundtrack. Right now Duffy speaks for me on every level.

Just wondering....why on earth would they make stretch jeans that stretch every where except in the waist!!!!! I am ready to scream!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

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